Careful Communication with Children (CCC) at Triangle, Brighton, UK - 24th & 25th June 2019

trianglegrey80The Careful Communication with Children course is designed for adults working directly with children and young people: health and education professionals, social workers, police officers, therapists, counsellors, youth workers, foster carers, advocates, solicitors, guardians. The programme covers the age range from 18 months to 18 years.

The aim of the course is to enable professionals to respond safely and confidently when children or young people might be showing or telling that they are at risk, including careful initial communication and questioning for potential legal purposes.

Adult responses to early concerns are key to children’s safety. Guidance to front line staff can be very prohibitive, often telling people what not to do. This programme takes the opposite approach and will give participants:

  • An understanding of observational commentary and how this can help a child to tell.
  • An understanding of the elements of good forensic questioning, including question types and why they matter so much.
  • Ways to keep an open mind when listening to children, including a range of open-ended questions and prompts that safely ‘open doors’ for children.
  • Approaches to quickly establish rapport with children and set safe expectations when exploring initial concerns, including strategies for working with children in the presence of other adults.
  • Knowledge about how trauma, impairment and disability can affect a child’s vulnerability and communication.
  • An update about how children’s evidence is now being heard in criminal and family courts.

Cost: £160 + VAT per person.

To book a place please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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