Breakthroughs in Education: Innovations in Equity, Access, and Quality

An online event starting July 2, 2018 that shares perspectives on innovations in education from around the world

This event is for:

  • TEACHERS - Explore innovation in education—what innovation is and how innovation and creativity can be used to design more vibrant and dynamic learning experiences for students.
  • EDUCATION LEADERS - Understand trends in education, how to develop a 21st-century school, and how to engage educators to think in innovative and creative ways.
  • NGO PROFESSIONALS - Acquire an innovative mindset, explore innovations in action, and share information with others who are working on new programs and initiatives in education.
  • UNIVERSITY TEACHER EDUCATORS - Understand how supporting student teachers, soon to be educators, in innovative thinking and creativity can help to engage new teachers in the teaching profession.

Participants will have access to video presentations, reflective activities, discussion boards, and resources over a 5-week period (July 2-August 3, 2018). 

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