ACEI Early Childhood Summit, Nepal, June 2-4, 2018

nepal80Visit Beautiful Nepal and Participate in an Early Childhood Teacher Training


ACEI is holding a training for early childhood teachers and caregivers offered by the ACEI International Outreach Committee (IOC) and the Alliance for Early Childhood Development Nepal (AECDN).

The training will take place in Patan, in the Katmandu area. 

Using the key tenets of Education Diplomacy, the IOC is building a cross-cultural coalition with diverse partners in Nepal to confront issues affecting early childhood education.

IOC members will be developing partnerships with representatives of various local organizations and working to prepare high-quality training modules specifically for the teacher training.

These training modules will shape and guide culturally appropriate curriculum and health practices, and bring diverse groups together to solve challenges of equity, access, and quality in early childhood education.

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