TAC Bulletin Update – Issue Number 217 – March 2018


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Seven good reasons for getting screens and radiation out of your Nursery. And a UK conference ‘Making Waves’

New research: Parents rank social media and technology worse than drugs, alcohol, smoking

Escape the Trap - Teenage relationship abuse programme for professionals who support young people. Led by Cathy Press. 13th – 15th June 2018 Sudbury UK

Thinking outside the box: Innovative perspectives on protecting children and young people. BASPCAN International Congress

Bercow: Ten Years On. UK - about children with speech, language and communication needs

Corporate Ties That Bind: An Examination of Corporate Manipulation and Vested Interest in Public Health

Women in Health Video Interviews

The cumulative impact of tax and welfare reforms ‘1.5 million more children in poverty by 2021/22’ - UK

Families Affected By FASD Hope For Increased Awareness, Treatments

Prevalence of undiagnosed genetic conditions in clients whose behaviour challenges services supporting them. Can you help?


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