Doctors and scientists say microwave strikes may have caused brain damage in embassy staff – the same microwaves as in smartphones and baby alarms!

masts80Were US embassy staff in Cuba attacked by microwaves? Experts say it is very likely

Peter Limbrick writes: The front page of the New York Times on September 2nd (this year) carried a lengthy article ‘Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. Embassy Workers’.

Here is the link, it makes fascinating reading:

It offers many valuable links, one of which is to a paper by Beatrice A. Golomb entitled “Diplomats’ Mystery Illness and Pulsed Radiofrequency / Microwave Radiation”

The Abstract includes:

2. Signs/symptoms: Hearing loss and tinnitus are prominent in affected diplomats – and in RF/MW-affected individuals. Each of protean symptoms that iplomats report, also affect persons reporting symptoms from RF/MW: Sleep problems,

headaches, and cognitive problems dominate in both groups. Sensations of pressure or vibration figure in each. Both encompass vision, balance and speech problems, and nosebleeds. Brain injury and brain swelling are reported in both.

3. Mechanisms: Oxidative stress provides a documented mechanism of RF/MW

injury compatible with reported signs and symptoms; sequelae of endothelial dysfunction (yielding blood flow compromise), membrane damage, blood brain barrier disruption, mitochondrial injury, apoptosis, and autoimmune triggering afford downstream mechanisms, of varying persistence, that merit investigation.

4. Of note, microwaving of the US embassy in Moscow is historically documented.

[Beatrice Alexandra Golomb, MD, PhD is Professor of Medicine UC San Diego School of Medicine.]


As far as I am aware, British press and media have not wanted to broadcast this New York Times story. I wonder why…Before anyone is tempted to dismiss the damage caused by microwaves as conspiracy theory, they should first refer to Dr. Golomb’s 656 references.

The other people who carry a professional responsibility to peruse at the 656 references are:

- Scientists in any country researching the causes of cancer, autism, brain tumours, etc.

- Medics and social scientists researching the causes of sleep problems, depression, unexplained fatigue, etc.

- UK’s fours Children’s Commissioners who need to know about all threats to children’s health and wellbeing.

- Charity workers and others who carry radiating gadgets into children’s homes.

- and parents who use wi-fi baby alarms in ignorance of the invisible toxic radiation that goes through their babies’ heads while they are sleeping.

Of course, there is a conspiracy.The telecoms industry and most governments conspire to keep us in ignorance about these dangers. Remember asbestos, tobacco, car exhasusts...?

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