Disabled Children’s Partnership survey shows a picture of declining quality of services and more cuts to come (UK)

uk80Parent-carers’ confidence in the quality of disabled children’s health and social care services is at an all-time low, new evidence from the Disabled Children’s Partnership shows


The vast majority (75%) of the 1,500 of parent carers surveyed by DCP – a coalition of over 60 disability charities – said that the quality of health services to support their children had grown significantly worse in the past few years.

The research also found:

  • 65 per cent felt that the quality of social care was in a similar decline.
  • Nearly half (45%) said that they were aware of imminent plans to reduce social and health care services for families with disabled children in their local area.

The consequences of this are:

  • Disabled children are waiting too long for support, affecting their health and progress.
  • Families are forced to fundraise for vital equipment or treatments that are underprovided by the bodies who have a statutory obligation to do so.
  • Families are fighting through the courts for services which they desperately need.

Read more: https://disabledchildrenspartnership.org.uk/dcp-survey-shows-a-picture-of-declining-quality-of-services-and-more-cuts-to-come/

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