Open letter to education chiefs in your country and mine (Justine Greening et al in the UK) and to all their staff, head teachers, parents and older pupils – and a video!

wififriend80In the good old days, we all wanted to protect children from radiation. Now we give them radiating toys in the nursery and wi-fi at their school desks. Have we all gone mad?


Dear Justine, Kirsty and John,

This 45-minute video about ‘Electromagnetic fields and their adverse effects on our health’ is riveting. It could change your life and your work – for the better. We all carry a duty of care to children.  Those of us in authority carry a greater responsibility whether we are in government, an education department or school.

There is a vast body of international evidence about the harm electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is doing to foetuses, children and adults. Once we first become aware of these concerns, we have a an absolute duty to do our own research rather than taking the lazy attitude of believing what the telecoms industry chooses to tell us. Of course, we have to focus on independent research and not studies funded by the telecoms industry.

It is essential we remain aware that multinational industries are concerned only with profits and, in pushing their products, are happy to dispense with ethics and honesty. Remember their assurances about VW exhausts, exposure to asbestos / smoking / secondary smoking.

The video is a presentation by Olle Johansson, Associate Professor, The Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. The event was The Madrid International Scientific Declaration on Electromagnetic Fields and Health Effects, September 28, 2017 at the Real Academia Nacional de Medicina (Madrid).

Here is the link you need:

Yours sincerley,

Peter Limbrick, November 2017


Dear TAC Bulletin Reader, Please pass this letter to the education chiefs in your country. The relevant people in the UK to whom this open letter is addressed are:

  • England: Justine Greening, Secretary of State for Education
  • Scotland: John Swinney, Education Secretary
  • Wales: Kirsty Williams, Education Secretary
  • Ireland: In the present confused position, I assume Justine Greening is ultimately in charge of education

I am addressing this letter to these three people in my country because I know they will have children’s health and safety as their top priority. Who needs to see the video in your country? Can I suggest ministers, head teachers, parent-teacher associations, student/pupil groups?

Peter Limbrick, November 2017

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