The Fragile X Society - Call for UK Case Studies, 2016

FX80The Fragile X Society is currently in the process of applying for a variety of grant funding, through which we hope to use funds for a number of important projects, including:

  • Improving the breadth and quality of information we currently provide in relation to Fragile X specific challenges (i.e. physical and mental health, challenging behaviour, anxiety etc) for both children and adults.  
  • Creating a series of practical guides for parents, carers, and professionals on different topics, to improve understanding, support, and care for individuals.  
  • Maintaining our free helpline service, and ensuring our support workers access the most up-to-date training and the latest research.
  • Continuing to support Fragile X researchers by promoting studies for family participation, and sharing findings through our newsletter, website, and social media platforms.
  • Providing Fragile X training to health professionals, and in schools.
  • Ensuring we are able to continue offering our Fragile X Conferences for free to all our full members.
  • Plus... some exciting new initiatives!

Within our grant applications we need to provide case studies from individuals, parents, and families willing to share their experiences of Fragile X Syndrome, and how The Fragile X Society has been beneficial.

Sharing your story should take no longer than 30 minutes, and can be done via e-mail or over the phone. 

These case studies are a really important way for us to illustrate the impact of what we do to trusts and foundations, who could provide us with the funding to continue developing and improving the services we offer. As a small charity, it is so vital that we access funding in this way, and we need you to help us achieve our goals! 

We endeavor to tell your story authentically, with no misrepresentation, and you may also choose to remain anonymous. We're also happy to send over your case study for you to read over prior to use.

If you're interested in telling your story, or would like to ask a question about our call for case studies, please do get in touch with Sophie via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or give us a call on 01371 875100.

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