Photographing adults and children with disabilities: requesting feedback

After Peter Limbrick included a profile of my work in the TAC Bulletin, I asked him if there would be an interest from readers in my photographing for them. He kindly offered for me to put the question on the TAC Bulletin.

I thought it a useful opportunity to seek feedback relevant not only to my work.

  1. Can photographs of people with disabilities be a powerful tool to inform and improve understanding?
  1. Should photographers with a particular interest in photographing adults and children with disabilities play an active part in raising awareness, by collaborating with organisations, to include researchers, clinicians, parent support groups and charitable bodies?
  1. If so, could photographers be involved in drawing up ethical and consent guidelines to ensure that the dignity of the individual photographed is not undermined?
  1. Would the recipients of this forum be interested in collaborating with me as a photographer with relevant experience photographing in sensitive areas and who is concerned about the ethical implications of my work?

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