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boys with mat80From Talking Mats: Talking Mats is a great tool to help you to really listen to children and help them to have their say about decisions affecting their lives as well as shaping the services that support them.


Talking Mats can be used by practitioners and parents in the Team Around the Child once they have been trained.

Practitioners told us that when they use a Talking Mat to get the child or young person’s  views it helps them to:

  • Be non leading - giving control over to the child
  • Identify outcomes that are important to the child
  • Form a person-centred report which reflects things that are going well and not so well.
  • Review progress visually

mat screen


Talking Mats is available as a digital app which will work  on your iPad, Android or through a web browser on your computer.

     You can also purchase a Mat and picture sets.               


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We run training courses throughout the UK or ONLINE

“I’ve really enjoyed doing something so meaningful, and which is having such a positive impact on my practice” - Additional Support Needs teacher

“It has helped me to think about communication in new ways and I feel confident at using Talking Mats now” - Social Worker

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