Quick guide to the Solihull Approach – about emotional health in children and families

The Solihull Approach aims to increase emotional health and well-being through both practitioners and parents. It does this through resources and training across the child and family workforce. The majority of health visitors in the UK are now trained in the Solihull Approach model. Child and family practitioners from midwives to schools to social workers are being trained in the model. Particular features of the Solihull Approach are:

  • It is used for workforce development: increases skills and knowledge, consistency and shared language across agencies using the Solihull Approach
  • It can be used for early intervention and prevention in the early years
  • It can be used for everyone in a team e.g. children’s centre, parent and baby unit, school (from receptionists to support staff to teachers).
  • It provides parenting programmes from conception through to adolescence.
  • It has a particular emphasis on including fathers.
  • It increases the accessibility of parenting programmes through online courses, which have the same content as the face to face groups.
  • It provides a theoretical framework for working with emotional and behaviour difficulties and provides supporting evidence e.g. for Ofsted.

Visit their website: https://solihullapproachparenting.com/quick-guide-to-the-solihull-approach/

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