Early Childhood Intervention: changing paradigms through participatory practices with families, professionals and society. Kharkiv, Ukraine, October 2018

eurlyaidJanuary 2017 ECI was included in the political agenda of the Council of Europe:

“Europe needs significant reforms for the ECI system if we want to transform it into a free and universal systems approach of high quality connected services for all children and families reconfiguring early childhood and family support services and guarantee their rights.”

Conference organisers: "The empirical rationale supports the importance and advantages of ECI for children with a disability or developmental delay through the research evidence in early intervention. It indicates that evidence-based best practices in early childhood interventions have short and long term positive effects on children and family functioning and adaptation.

"These reasons are a strong foundation for policy and funding provisions but they need specific guidelines concerning what and how services and supports should be provided in order to benefit children and families."

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