5th IASSIDD Europe Congress in Athens, Greece: Diversity & Belonging: Celebrating difference. CALL FOR PAPERS

You are invited to submit an abstract (max. 200 words) for oral presentations, poster presentations, roundtables, and demonstrations, addressing one of the following topics in an academic or applied way:

Track 1. Inclusion & belonging
Social inclusion and participation; community building; communication; relationships; mainstreaming; recognition.

Track 2. Collaborative research

Cooperative design; user involvement; creative based methods; alternative methodology.

Track 3. (Family)quality of life
Quality of services and support; quality frameworks; improving standards; (support for) informal caregivers.

Track 4: Arts & representation
(Multimedial) arts; storytelling; disability & media; social media; public awareness.

Track 5. History, identity & rights
Disability history; paradigms & paradigm shifts; stigma and stigma reduction; (self)advocacy; choice; identity; equity; diversity; exclusion; poverty; legal issues.

Track 6.  Inclusive education & employment
Rights, entitlements and access to inclusive education and employment; inclusive teaching and learning; early inclusive education; inclusive post-secondary and life-long learning; training on-the-job; inclusive education, employment and intersectionality; assessment; self-employment.

Track 7. Health & Behavioural issues
Physical and mental health; sensory and physical disabilities; genetics and epi-genetics; medical advances; interventions; health monitoring; health promotion; medication use; challenging behaviour.

Track 8.  Policy & practice
Assistance & support; systems of support; (in)formal support; support services; best practices; (inter)national and comparative policies; government and societal support (inter)national and comparative practices; promoting innovation.

Track 9. Living with disabilities
Communication; self-determination, accessibility; early intervention; reasonable adjustments; independent living; living with a special condition (autism, Prader-Willi syndrome, Down syndrome, etc.).

Track 10. Other miscellaneous topics
Other topics that do not fit into the first four nine tracks.

IASSIDD-Europe conference, in Athens, Greece on July 18th-20th 2018.

Go to: https://www.iassidd.org/conference/index.php/2018ERC/2018ERC/schedConf/cfp

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