2018 International Health Congress, June 2018, Oxford UK. Abstracts invited

ox80This Oxford-based conference series seeks to bring together researchers who aim to promote health and wellbeing through improved health services in Europe and around the world.


The Themes of the 2018 Conference:

Health and Sustainable Development Goals

New Developments in Health Services

Clinical Trials and Methods

The 2018 conference is hosted at the University of Oxford. The aim of the event, building on the 2017 congress, is to highlight the link between research and practice by gathering together a wide range of papers on health and health services research close to practice and/or policy.

These will come from the full range of allied disciplines including primary care, acute medicine, public health, psychiatry, paediatrics, and ageing as well as economics, psychology, statistics, social science and ethics, clinical trial design, health informatics and implementation research.

More information: http://www.globalhealthcongress.org/

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