Love Me, Teach Me

Universal Children's Day - Tuesday, 20 November 

ACEI’s Love Me, Teach Me brief aims to provide insight into how to better support children's rights, both in school and through a child’s experience in surrounding community life:

Cornerstone 1. See Me: The Child’s Right to Identity

Every child has the right to be seen, the right to have a name, and the right to a nationality—that is, the right to an identity. In some nations, this right may involve ensuring that children are named and registered at birth. This officially recorded document is crucial for establishing a child’s nationality.

Cornerstone 2. Hear Me: The Child’s Right to Participation

Children should be provided opportunities to participate, whether voicing their opinions and ideas or being provided access to necessary services.

Cornerstone 3. Love Me: The Child’s Right to Security, Stability, and Protection

Children should be loved. Parents are the primary caregivers of their children. They undertake a range of responsibilities and duties in order to foster and facilitate their children’s overall physical, emotional, social, moral, and spiritual development. 

Cornerstone 4. Teach Me: The Child’s Right to Education

Education is fundamental to a child’s development. Children should have access to quality educational materials and experiences that engage their full potential.

Read the completer Brief here.