Video: Meet Poppy and her family (UK)

Poppy was two when she was diagnosed with leukaemia on Valentine’s Day 2017. 

From Rainbow Trust:

“From around her birthday in November, she had gone from being a child I couldn’t keep in the pushchair, who wanted to explore and was very lively to being a child who just wanted to sit under a duvet and watch DVDs,” remembers Vicky.

Blood tests revealed an abnormality in Poppy’s blood and she was rushed to hospital. “That night was awful,” says Vicky. Once in the hospital nurses and doctors tried to put a cannula in her arm to start treatment but she screamed and kicked out as she was terrified and looked to Simon and I to make the hurting stop.”

She was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital the next day…

Read more, hear her story and see the video here.

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