‘Being an advocate for your child with additional needs’ – by Raising Children Network

If your child with additional needs can’t speak up for himself, you can speak for him to make sure his needs are being met. This is called being an advocate for your child.

Being an advocate: what does it mean?

Advocacy is promoting and defending a person’s rights, needs and interests.

Many people can speak up for their own rights, needs and interests, but some find it hard. Children with additional needs often struggle to speak up for themselves, or don’t have the ability to do it. They might need support from an advocate.

An advocate is someone who speaks up for others. An advocate might find information, go along to meetings as a support person, or write letters for another person.

You can be an advocate for your child with additional needs

If you think your child is at risk of harm, isn’t having her needs met, or is being denied her rights, you might need to advocate for her.

You know and understand your child better than anyone else. If people are making decisions for and about your child, your voice and point of view, and your child’s point of view, help to make sure these decisions are in your child’s best interests. 

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