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Ottawa Child and Youth Initiative: Growing Up Great - Become a Practice Change Champion

Recognizing the critical need to support attachment and emotional health, the Ottawa Child and Youth Initiative (OCYI), through the Practice Change Champions initiative (started in 2016) offers to train community-based professional on promoting attachment and early childhood mental health over the course of 8-months using a mix of online and in-person training.

In addition, the initiative also includes a small community of practice and uses “learning labs” to explore how a shift in practice would impact professionals, organizations and systems to help identify potential challenges over time.

The goal of the training is to increase knowledge in:

  • Child development and brain development
  • Attachment and temperament
  • Risk factors for insecure attachment
  • Impact of trauma and parent mental health
  • Common behaviors and resilience practices
  • Understanding and Supporting children/families with challenging behaviours
  • Effective role modeling – being and teaching to be a role model

What is a Practice Champion and who should become one?

A Practice Champion is a community-based professional who works with young children and/or their families who promotes attachment and early childhood mental health.

We are seeking individuals who work in the early years/child sector - professionals such as Early Childhood Educators, Public Health Nurses, Community and Social Services, Child Care Providers, Child and Youth Workers, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a Practice Champion, please contact Marisa Moher by April 30th This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or (613) 737-7600 ext. 6154

Ottawa Child and Youth Initiative: Growing Up Great -  Become a Practice Change Champion

Peter Limbrick writes: I do hope this wonderful work embraces babies and infants who have disabilities

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