Autism: overcoming barriers to work for people on the autistic spectrum

From Disability Horizons website: Maxwell Dean, who has autism, explains the challenges people with autism face when applying for jobs, going for interviews, and in the workplace.

But alongside it, he also highlights the benefits of hiring someone with autism, and how a diverse workplace can be a better workplace.

My name is Maxwell and I turned 27 this September. I was only diagnosed with high-functioning autism in July last year.

Among my interests is a passion for films, politics and social issues. My film tastes can be quite diverse. One minute I can be revisiting my childhood with The Lion King, and the next, terrifying myself with my favourite zombie film, Day of The Dead (1985).

I am also extremely passionate about equality and empowering others, which I want to do by sharing my own experiences. I firmly believe that everyone should be able to achieve their potential. This includes those with autism or any disability…

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