Virginia Becomes the 4th U.S. State in the Past Year to Reject Utility ‘Smart’ Metering Plans

videofilm80From Take Back Your Power website:

“On January 17, Virginia utility regulators rejected Dominion Energy’s $5 billion bid for additional ‘smart’ electricity meter deployment.

“In doing so, Virginia joins state regulators in Kentucky (Aug 2018), Massachusetts (May 2018), and New Mexico (April 2018) in rejecting ‘smart’ meter proposals. In Canada, New Brunswick (July 2018) also rejected a proposal to install ‘smart’ electricity meters…

“I envision that since the trends strongly indicate that ‘smart’ meter technology is being widely recognized as useless if not harmful, the “50% deployed” number will diminish as ‘smart’ AMI meters start to be replaced with safe, proven electromechanical technology which does not waste money, lasts 6-8 times longer, is far more accurate, does not surveil utility customers, and does not cause either physical harm or damage to property.”

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