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mast90U.S. Conference Of Mayors:

“We Will Sue FCC If They Eliminate Local Control Over 5G Deployments”


From the Take Back your Power website:

The harmful and Orwellian nature of 5G is inspiring a groundswell of people getting involved. Now, an alliance of more than 300 U.S. mayors has said it will sue the FCC if they continue with plans to forcibly deploy 5G upon cities who do not want it. -JDS

According to pro-industry publication, Smart Cities Dive:

  • The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) said in a statement that it would sue the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) if the commission does not change a proposed policy that would preempt local control in a bid to streamline installation of 5G wireless infrastructure.
  • The National Association of Counties is also opposing the proposal, telling POLITICO it would “effectively prevent local governments from properly examining the impact that construction, modification or installation of broadcasting facilities may have on public health, safety and welfare of the local community.”
  • The proposal from FCC commissioner Brendan Carr would bar municipal laws prohibiting deployment of 5G small cells and would set deadlines for municipalities to approve or disapprove applications to install small cells or build new poles. The plan is set for a vote on Sept. 26.

Read more: https://takebackyourpower.net/us-conference-of-mayors-will-sue-fcc-if-they-eliminate-local-control-over-5g-deployments/

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