Spending watchdog’s report slams Universal Credit (UK)

From TFN: It will never be known if Universal Credit’s (UC) aim of saving £2.1 billion in fraud and putting 200,000 into work will be a success

According to the UK’s spending watchdog, the system - currently being rolled out in parts of Scotland - could in fact cost more to administer than the older systems it’s replacing.

The claims are made in a damning report by the National Audit Office (NAO).

Campaigners, charities and politicians have roundly criticised the new system ever since it was first mooted by the Conservative government.  

While ministers say UC – which rolls six benefits into one - will create savings of £34bn in the next 10 years, the system has so far been hampered by delays and errors.

The report says some claimants have waited eight months for payment with 110,000 claims delayed in 2017 alone…  

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