Scots disabled are being abandoned says solicitor. Article by Robert Armour on TFN website.

Scotland’s only social enterprise solicitor has hit out at disability organisations, claiming they've abandoned disabled people and compromised their social mission.

Daniel Donaldson, founder of Legal Spark, told TFN many campaigning organisations were enjoying a “love-in” with the Scottish Government that had made them “agents of the state” to the extent they had become wholly uncritical of its policies. 

The disabled solicitor is currently suing both the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and the Scottish Government for compensation after they revoked his Personal Independent Payments (PIP) for a year.   

Despite being one of one the most controversial and hated UK government policies in recent history, Donaldson said disability organisations had allowed the Scottish Government to continue the roll out of PIP to the detriment of thousands of disabled Scots.

Scotland was given the power to halt PIP and introduce its own system under extra powers granted in the Scotland Act as part of the 2014 independence referendum. 

However, as exclusively revealed in an interview with TFN in 2017, social security minister Jeane Freeman said the Scottish Government's hands are tied and she would allow the DWP to continue undertaking the tests because it was too complex to halt them...

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