Helping change the lives of disabled people in developing countries

Being disabled comes with its difficulties. But many of us have it a lot easier than others. Around the world, millions of disabled people live in developing countries, often in poverty, shunned by society and without support.

“Salome grew up in a slum, looked after by her grandmother, after both her parents died when she was 10. She tells us: “it wasn’t a nice place to live for a young girl”. From an early age she remembers working hard to help her grandmother with odd jobs in order to put food on the table, and look after her two younger siblings.

“There was nothing particularly unusual about Salome’s life; millions of people in developing countries are simply getting by, living in poverty. But when aged 15 Salome fell and injured her back, her life was turned upside down forever…”

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This news item came to TAC Bulletin from Disability Horizons

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