The irradiation of children in seven easy steps. Your children and mine. The children we love, the children we care for and work with

sack80ONE:  We start early, before they are born or even conceived. The smart phone we carry with us sends radiation into our ovaries and testicles. Eggs and sperm can be compromised.


TWO:  The lap top on our desk or kitchen table and the smart phone next to it send radiation into the foetus during the pregnancy. Should we believe this radiation does no harm to the developing brain and other organs?

THREE:  So that we can feel free sometimes from our baby, we put a radiating baby alarm by the cot. By the cot, all night long, while we sleep.

FOUR:  During the day, the small child plays in the living room exposed to radiation from our cordless phone, the box on the T.V. set, the smart meter on the wall outside (yes, the radiation passes through walls) – and of course our smart phones and laptops.

FIVE:  When the child goes to nursery, there is no reprieve. The nursery will be fully equipped with all the necessary (?) gadgets and nursery staff will entertain the toddlers with tablets, baby smart phones (baby smart phones!), i-pads…

SIX:  Then there are presents for the little children we love so much; cuddly teddy bears, cute little dolls and cars and guns – all carefully chosen for their new wi-fi features.

SEVEN:  Now that we have accustomed our children to being irradiated day and night, they are fully prepared for their school years with wi-fi routers in their classrooms, lap tops on their desks and smart phones in their school bags. Powerful radiation from multiple sources all day long. And then some.

When we buy our new toys and gadgets, we read the blurb on the box telling us what a good choice we have made. But we do not bother to read the international independent research that tells us this radiation is a carcinogen, that it can interfere with our neurology from the uterus onwards.

A wiser and more cautious pro-child approach is to consider:

- When a child we know has a brain tumour or leukaemia, was radiation part of the cause?

- When a child we know has autism, was radiation part of the cause?

- When a child we know has learning difficulties, was radiation part of the cause?

- When a teenager we know has cancer, was radiation part of the cause?

- When a teenager we know is isolated, has long-term depression and has thoughts of suicide, was radiation part of the cause?


Imagine it is twenty years ago. I bring you a teddy bear for your child and say proudly,

‘It’s amazing! It radiates! It’s full of powerful radiation that will go right through their brain and body day and night! What fun!’

What would you have said to me? What would you have told me to do with this highly dangerous toy?


Peter Limbrick, December 2017

Here is a video with good information:

Cartoon from TAC Bulletin No. 211:


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